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Vajpayee : "We now have a website."
Sonia Gandhi : "O.K.I will visit it tonight."
Two days later.........
Sonia Gandhi : "I did not find your website."
Vajpayee : "But it's there. Oh! Sorry I forgot to give you the address.

Of course , you have to give your internet address and print it on your visiting cards and letter heads and all. But what if you dont? And what if  somebody cannot remember your website address? what if someboby is looking for your product and does not know about you ? And what if ......

Case Study :- Khaitan Fans
Step 1) Go to (top 10 search engine)
Step 2) Type " khaitan fans " and click search.

Results.......... Netventurers sub-domain website for Khaitan Fans comes even before their own and autual website.

Packages and Prices :-
Submit to 300+ search engines free, go to 

Basic                 @Rs.2000/- ($50/-)
Advanced        @Rs.5000/- ($125/-)
                          (with placement in top ten)

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Netventurers is not just a company doing business with you. It is your friend, collegue and business partner all in one. As a company it has given us more than just their best services. It us given us faith and belief to redifine business.

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